[zeromq-dev] 0MQ/OpenPGM win32

Giambattista Saldi g.saldi at kline.it
Mon Apr 19 17:05:49 CEST 2010

Hi Martin,

I cannot debug the library on windows, so i can't help you
But i think it's a bug.
I try to change the RATE parameter, but i have the same result the 
message are accumulate on the sender.
I try also RATE=-1 , is accepted, no error.
I have only a error when a set RATE=0, but the error is intercepted not 
on zmq_setsockopt, but at zmq_connect command !!!
I hope can help you


Il 19/04/2010 15.31, Martin Sustrik ha scritto:
> Hi Giambattista,
>> I'm trying the 2.0.6 version, but i have a strange behavior.
>> I start the test on my development workstation (WIN7 quad core 2.66GHZ 2
>> GB RAM LAN 100Mb)
>> i start sender and receiver with pgm configuration, use a 8.000 msg/sec
>> rate, the LAN is 22 Mb/sec, all work fine.
>> I start the same test on a new workstation (WINVISTA quad core 2.66GHZ 2
>> GB RAM LAN 100Mb) but the application receiver is slow, receive 6
>> mb/sec, the msg are not discarded, but are accumulated on the sender, i
>> see the sender memory from task manager to increase , more and more and
>> then is 400 MB I stop the sender.
> The messages should accumulate on the sender only in the case when you
> are publishing faster than the current RATE. Unless it's a bug of course...
>> The receiver always receive data, I wait for several minutes ,at the end
>> receive all the data but the rate is very very slow.
>> At application level, i have set ZMQ_RATE to 100000 on both sender and
>> receiver.
> The behaviour looks almost as if RATE was low. Strange.
>> To understand this behavior, i start this simulation:
>> On my workstation start only the sender without receiver on all the LAN.
>> The application work fine, start publish the memory usage increase to
>> 145 MB, but after never increase more (i see on task manager that the
>> application create 4 thread, after become 7 and at the end are stable to
>> 4).The send rate and conditions are the same of previus test.
> That looks like you are publishing at a rate lower than ZMQ_RATE.
> OpenPGM's window fills up to the limit and doesn't grow anymore.
>> I do the same test on second workstation, and in this case the memory
>> increase to infinite , i stop the application to 800MB of  RAM.
>> in task manager i see always 3 thread started by the application.
> That looks like you are publishing at a rate higher than ZMQ_RATE. In
> such a case messages are queued on the sender side.
>> If i use TCP transport, on both the workstation all work fine.
> That's expected. TCP has congestion control mechanism so the receiver
> can control the rate at which the sender is sending data.
>> Can help me to understand this behavior?
>> It's a workstation problems?
>> It's a workstation problems with pgm?
>> it's a problem of the pgm?
> It's hard to say from here. Some of the behaviour looks like it may be
> correct. Consumer consuming 6Mb/s when rate is set at 100Mb/s and sender
> is publishing at 100Mb/s looks like a bug.
> Martin
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