[zeromq-dev] TLS

Joe Holloway jholloway7 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 16 18:02:36 CEST 2010

While thinking about the kinds of application I could build with 0MQ,
it occurred to me that some applications might benefit from
authentication and encryption.  Say, for example, using 0MQ as the
backbone for a health care application.

I guess you could argue the impetus should be on applications to
address their own security needs at a higher layer than 0MQ (network
design, etc), but it seems like the transport layer has proven to be
the right abstraction for this in other architectures.

Realizing that 0MQ "goes against the grain" to keep things simple and
highly performant, I thought it would be an interesting discussion to
gauge if there's interest in this topic or if it's decidedly outside
the scope of the project.

So, I'm not really making an enhancement request here, mainly just
asking to expand my understanding of the architectural constraints
with which 0MQ is being developed and to survey how others feel that
this sort of security should be addressed in a 0MQ-based application.


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