[zeromq-dev] Polling API

Martin Lucina mato at kotelna.sk
Thu Apr 15 17:52:43 CEST 2010

sustrik at 250bpm.com said:
> Ok,
> Here's a first sketch:
> //  Account for both 0MQ sockets and file descriptors.
> union zmq_poll_item_t
> {
>      void *socket;
>      int fd;
> };

Why a union type? Will that not be potentially problematic for some

> //  Construction & destruction.
> void *zmq_poller (void *context);
> int zmq_poller_close (void *poller);

zmq_pollset_init() seems more consistent (we have zmq_init(),

> //  Pollset manipulation.
> int zmq_poller_mod (void *poller, zmq_poll_item_t item, int events, void 
> *hint);

What is this "manipulation" call supposed to do? Shouldn't we have
zmq_pollset_add() and zmq_pollset_remove() instead?

> //  Getting events.
> int zmq_poller_event (void *poller, zmq_poll_item_t *item, int *events, 
> void **hint);

So, "Getting events" is the part that actually performs the poll operation?
Or is that missing here?

> Comments anyone?
> Maybe zmq_pollset would be more appropriate than zmq_poller?

I vote for zmq_pollset, definitely.

Incidentally we seem to be getting close to something similar to the APR
pollset API, which I have used in anger in the past and I've been pretty
happy with it.

For reference: http://apr.apache.org/docs/apr/1.4/group__apr__poll.html


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