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Wed Apr 14 19:36:33 CEST 2010


> > Not for speed, I need it to automatically define unique-name io channel
> > between cores on the same host.
> >
> > My process setup:
> > - k processes on same host (not threads)
> > - each process can communicate with the other on the same host
> > - each process has a dedicated input address
> >
> > Currently I'm planning to use ZeroMQ in the following way, please
> > correct me if my assumptions are wrong:
> > - each process reads from the same socket (like -
> > - each process filters (subscribes) own set of messages
> > - messages are not shared (no common filter)
> > - each process can write to the input socket: using
> > variable message prefix
> >
> > Is it correct? Will it work or I need something more?
> > Do I need a "forwarder device" process for it?

> First of all you should decide on what messaging pattern to use. Is it
> request/reply? Or rather pub/sub? Maybe a parallelised pipeline?

I forgot in this case I'm using PUB/SUB.
Can I (PUB + connect) and (SUB + bind) in several processes on the same
socket address in the same time?
And if ZMQ_SUBSCRIBE is used in shared-nothing way can I read in multiple
processes in the same time?

So ZeroMQ is limited to use only sockets, am I correct?

I didn't succeed in connecting to "pgm://;" (using
either REQ/REP or PUB/SUB).
Is it a correct address? Can I use loopback address for it?

I had problems with finding all the pieces on the web site. Please consider
1. I think it could be nice to include "supported platforms & features" +
"system requirements" sections
somewhere in "readme" file. (for example to include requirement for MSMQ for
pgm or epgm).

2. "Documentation" link that is visible search engine is broken:

BTW. Please include samples download link somewhere on the web site. Of
course I know how to use Google but...

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