[zeromq-dev] ipc on windows

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Wed Apr 14 14:02:12 CEST 2010

Hi Piotr,

> First, thank you for sharing the ZeroMQ software with community for free.
> I don't see "donate" link on the project
> I would like to know if there are any plans for IPC support for Windows.
> (prefferably using named pipes, shared memory(boost) or DDE).

AFAIK windows named pipes don't provide POSIX socket interface, thus to 
use them the whole 0MQ infrastructure would have to be rewritten to use 
WinAPI instead of BSD sockets. It's unlikely anybody is going to 
contribute that kind of thing, but feel free to give it a try.

> Not for speed, I need it to automatically define unique-name io channel 
> between cores on the same host.
> My process setup:
> - k processes on same host (not threads)
> - each process can communicate with the other on the same host
> - each process has a dedicated input address
> Currently I'm planning to use ZeroMQ in the following way, please 
> correct me if my assumptions are wrong:
> - each process reads from the same socket (like - REQ/REP)
> - each process filters (subscribes) own set of messages
> - messages are not shared (no common filter)
> - each process can write to the input socket: using 
> variable message prefix
> Is it correct? Will it work or I need something more?
> Do I need a "forwarder device" process for it?

First of all you should decide on what messaging pattern to use. Is it 
request/reply? Or rather pub/sub? Maybe a parallelised pipeline?


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