[zeromq-dev] Actionscript bindings

Martin Lucina mato at kotelna.sk
Mon Apr 12 14:06:02 CEST 2010

Hi Bhavin,

bhavin.t at directi.com said:
> I was thinking it would be awesome to have an Actionscript version of ZeroMQ.
> This would eliminate the need for a RestMS / HTTP type bridge, and allow a
> browser to directly become a ZeroMQ client. The complexity offcourse herein is
> one would not be able to simply create a language binding in ActionScript,
> since that would require the underlying C++ code to be compiled into the flash
> player installed in the browser – which is unlikely - unless Adobe develops a
> sudden fondness for it J.

In all honesty, the world of browser-based applications (AJAX, Flash, or
others) is so far away from that of 0MQ that I would not even attempt to
talk 0MQ directly from the browser.

When in HTTP-land, talk HTTP. The best solution for this would be to have a
RestMS to 0MQ bridge implemented as a webserver and have the browser-based
application speak RestMS.

(Feel free to replace RestMS with any other HTTP-based messaging
alternative, if there is one).



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