[zeromq-dev] Actionscript bindings

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Sun Apr 11 19:05:11 CEST 2010

Bhavin Turakhia wrote:
> I was thinking it would be awesome to have an Actionscript version of 
> ZeroMQ. This would eliminate the need for a RestMS / HTTP type bridge, 
> and allow a browser to directly become a ZeroMQ client. The complexity 
> offcourse herein is one would not be able to simply create a language 
> binding in ActionScript, since that would require the underlying C++ 
> code to be compiled into the flash player installed in the browser – 
> which is unlikely - unless Adobe develops a sudden fondness for it J.
> Therefore one would need to port the ZeroMQ client in ActionScript. This 
> would also mean that certain functionality of such a client (eg PGM 
> support) would be unavailable, since one cannot access low level socket 
> APIs from Actionscript and therefore underlying native functionality 
> would not be exposed. However I am assuming much of the functionality 
> could be easily ported
> I wonder if this is feasible … and if anyone on this list has had a go at it

I am not aware of anyone but let's see...

In any case the wire-protocol of 0MQ is so simple that writing a code 
that would send/receive 0MQ-style message should be a matter of few minutes.

It would offer none of the advanced 0MQ functionality (such as 
asynchronicity), however, the browser can connect to a resident 0MQ 
device/daemon that can do all the remaining work.


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