[zeromq-dev] scalability of zeromq in terms fof queues and topics

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Sat Apr 10 09:25:53 CEST 2010

Hi Bhavin,

> * If developing something like a chat server or a pub-sub server where
> topics are domain names (user1 at domain.com, user2 at domain.com) this
> optimization may help if the string were to be reversed (moc.niamod at 1resu)
> possibly and interestingly increasing the number of single-branch nodes at
> the top of the tree as opposed to only at the bottom :). Infact in general
> topic strings could be created in a manner so as to utilize this
> optimization

Good point.

> * I obviously haven't thought through this structure as much as you have -
> but why the "limit" in terms of the number of characters stored at that node
> (say 8). Why not store as many characters as represent no branching. The
> moment another topic comes in that needs to branch out at a particular
> place, then the split could be made at that time. This could increase
> insertion complexity, but insertion is a one time activity. I might be
> missing something obvious.

You are not missing anything. The only rationale I have is that variable 
length string would require a dynamic allocation which by itself uses 
some memory (chunk header, say 24 bytes). By limiting the number of 
character to something like 8 we can store it directly in the node 
structure with no additional allocation required.

Ultimately it's a trade-off: We'll have to allocate a new node for each 
8 characters in the topic, however, we'll spare 24 bytes per node.

8 character limit algorithm would thus have best if the unbranched 
sequences of characters are mostly up to 8 characters long. I believe 
that's the case in most scenarios.

> * I can share my experience here. We had done a ton of tests concerning
> optimization of a similar data structure w.r.t DNS caches. In all our tests
> the difference in performance was of the order of double-digits when the
> memory structure could be stored in the CPU Cache vs RAM.

Thanks for proving my point! :)


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