[zeromq-dev] scalability of zeromq in terms fof queues and topics

Bhavin Turakhia bhavin.t at directi.com
Sat Apr 10 06:51:00 CEST 2010

Thanks for the links. We checked the code and I am kicking myself for not
realizing that a basic trie would be all that's needed :). We also noticed
the nice lil optimization to the trie data structure implementation to
reduce storage space requirements :)

- Bhavin

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> Subject: Re: [zeromq-dev] scalability of zeromq in terms fof queues and
> topics
> Martin Sustrik wrote:
> > It's practical O(1), there's no hash table. It's basically an N-ary
> > search tree where first branching corresponds to first character of
> the
> > topic, second branchings correspond to second character etc. Thus you
> > never get hash conflicts.
> Btw, here's the code. It's pretty simple:
> http://github.com/sustrik/zeromq2/blob/master/src/prefix_tree.hpp
> http://github.com/sustrik/zeromq2/blob/master/src/prefix_tree.cpp
> Have a look and give it a thought. If you can make it even faster,
> let's
> go for it!
> Martin
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