[zeromq-dev] Polling API

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Fri Apr 9 17:33:29 CEST 2010

gonzalo diethelm wrote:

> Ok, I'm about ready to commit a patch in this direction. But before I do
> that, another question. I have just realized that Poller objects (and
> the whole zmq_poll() functionality) do not depend on Context at all. In
> other words, I could perfectly change the code to make this possible:
>   ZMQ.Context c = ZMQ.context(1, 1, ZMQ.POLL); // new Context, same as
> above
>   ZMQ.Socket s = c.socket(ZMQ.PUB);            // new Socket, same as
> above
>   ZMQ.Poller p = ZMQ.poller(3);                // new Poller, NO CONTEXT
> On the other hand, it may be useful to be able to get the current 0MQ
> Context from a Socket and/or a Poller object (which would force us build
> Pollers from a starting Context):
>   ZMQ.Context c1 = socket.getContext();
>   ZMQ.Context c2 = poller.getContext();

Well, I would say that polling is ripe to get some standardised 
interface. Something like epoll/kqueue.

There's one provided by Python binding, now there's Java, Lisp copies 
the C interface, not sure about PHP and other languages...

Thoughts anyone?


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