[zeromq-dev] HEADS UP: changes to Java binding public API

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Fri Apr 9 16:07:05 CEST 2010

gonzalo diethelm wrote:
> Now for the next step... As I mentioned before, there are now two ways
> to build 0MQ objects:
> Constructors:
>   ZMQ.Context c = new ZMQ.context(1, 1, ZMQ.POLL);
>   ZMQ.Socket s = new ZMQ.Socket(c, ZMQ.PUB);
>   ZMQ.Poller p = new ZMQ.Poller(c, 3);
> Functions:
>   ZMQ.Context c = ZMQ.context(1, 1, ZMQ.POLL);
>   ZMQ.Socket s = c.socket(ZMQ.PUB);
>   ZMQ.Poller p = c.poller(3);
> For Context itself the difference is really minimal, but for Socket and
> Poller I think the "functional" way is much clearer.
> Question: should I get rid of any of these two ways? My personal vote is
> to make all constructors private (getting rid of the "constructors" way)
> and stick to a strictly "functional" public API.

There have been a discussion about this a while ago and the general 
concensus was the same as yours.


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