[zeromq-dev] Deploying on Windows Servers

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Thu Apr 8 18:17:52 CEST 2010

Hi Derek,

> First, thank you for a great library. What an amazing work!
> I have read the white papers and the installation instructions. I have 
> downloaded and compiled the library without any issues.


> I dont see any explicit instructions for deployment. The dll obviously 
> accompanies any binary that calls it, but what about the 7 .exe binaries:
> local_lat.exe
> local_thr.exe
> remote_lat.exe
> remote_thr.exe
> zmq_forwarder.exe
> zmq_queue.exe
> zmq_queue.exe
> I might have missed it in the excitement, but I didn't see an explicit 
> description of these so I am not sure how they should be deployed on a 
> Windows Server 2008 box.

First for are performance tests. local_lat and remote_lat measure 
latency, while local_the and remote_thr measure throughput.

Last three are so called "devices", basically daemons that run in the 
middle of the network and route messages to specific destinations. For 
an example have a look here:


In overall you are right that the documentation is lacking in this area 
and should be improved.

> I am seeking to evaluate the potential of 0MQ to handle a situation 
> where it is not the endpoint to a consumer, but hands off to another 
> protocol.


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