[zeromq-dev] (no subject)

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Thu Apr 8 06:44:31 CEST 2010


> I've got a use case and I'm wondering how it translates to ZeroMQ.
> Data comes in through a server that reads a client's SSL certificate 
> (not very relevant, unless ZeroMQ can do SSL, verify a certificate, and 
> then route based on the client cert). All of that data gets persisted, 
> so there are servers that do nothing but persist data. Some of the data 
> is also pushed to people monitoring it live (think Comet/Websocket).
> The problem is that there are two separate things:
>    - persistence servers, between which load balancing must be done
>    - the server side push server
> So basically there's a group for which exactly one must be pushed to 
> (load balancing behavior), and a group for which all must be pushed to. 
> The obvious solution is two exchanges, but I think this means sending 
> the message to the ZMQ server twice, which sounds far from optimal.

0MQ sockets translate to "business logic feeds". It doesn't allow you 
two mix several logically disparate functionalities within a single 
socket. In your scenario you have two different business logic feeds:

1. persisting
2. notifying interested parties

Thus, you have to open two sockets and send the message to both of them.

The rationale is that - for instance - you may wish notification message 
oto contain only on subset of properties when compared to persistence 
message. Or you may have different reliability requirements etc.


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