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Laurens Van Houtven lvh at laurensvh.be
Thu Apr 8 00:27:10 CEST 2010

Hello :-)

I've got a use case and I'm wondering how it translates to ZeroMQ.

Data comes in through a server that reads a client's SSL certificate (not
very relevant, unless ZeroMQ can do SSL, verify a certificate, and then
route based on the client cert). All of that data gets persisted, so there
are servers that do nothing but persist data. Some of the data is also
pushed to people monitoring it live (think Comet/Websocket).

The problem is that there are two separate things:

<lvh> Hello.
<lvh> I've got a use case and I'm wondering how it translates into 0MQ.
<lvh> Stuff comes in, all of it gets persisted. Some of it gets pushed to a
      COMET server and eventually to someone's browser.  [23:39]
<lvh> For persistence, I'd like something with load balancing and possibly
      failover (if possible), but the COMET part is special: out of all the
      persisters, only one of them needs to be pushed to, but all of the
      listeners need to be pushed to.  [23:40]
<lvh> Can I do that without sending a message twice?  [23:41]
<lvh> Can I send a message twice into two exchanges?
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