[zeromq-dev] Assertion failed

Emmanuel TAUREL taurel at esrf.fr
Wed Apr 7 18:04:39 CEST 2010

Hello all,

I am currently testing ZeroMQ 2.0.6 running on two Ubuntu 9.04 box.
I am using  PUB/SUB with the epgm protocol. The publisher is written in 
C and the subscriber in C++.

My subscriber is basically a loop around the ZMQ socket recv() meyhod.
The problem is that I have from time to time assertion failure :

Assertion failed: it != peers.end () (pgm_receiver.cpp:161)

I am not able to say precisely when it happens. It is not always the 
same case.
Last time I saw it, it was in the middle of one of my test when the 
publisher sends 100 messages of 1 MByte each (as fast as it can) to 5 
different subscribers running on another host. It happened on one of my 
subscriber after it has received 36 messages.

Is there someone in this list also experimenting this problem!
If yes, is there any solution?

Thank's for your answers


Emmanuel Taurel

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