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OK, it's true that a blog will be better for capturing the discussion.
 I've posted this to


On Tue, Apr 6, 2010 at 12:09 PM, Apps, John <john.apps at hp.com> wrote:
> Pieter,
>  May I suggest you start a blog entry on this? The list is interesting, but a clumsy medium for discussions of this nature.
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> Hi,
> One of the main questions that AMQP users have when coming to 0MQ is
> how we do reliability.
> So I'm collecting requirements for reliability on top of 0MQ.  My idea
> is to build this as an application layer on top of 0MQ, using a
> different API and a separate protocol that sits on top of the 0MQ SPB
> framing.
> Here is a sketch of what seems to be the simplest design for
> fire-and-forget reliability:
> * It covers only one-to-one delivery of messages (e.g. for trade
> execution or request-response).
> * The publisher delivers a message to a local dispatcher service
> (perhaps based on a 0MQ device).
> * The dispatcher queues the message on persistent storage and the
> publisher continues.
> * The dispatcher in a second thread delivers messages to their destination.
> * Recipients reply to messages with an acknowledgment.
> * Recipients store received messages and if they get a duplicate, they
> discard it but resend the acknowledgement.
> * The dispatcher marks acknowledged messages, and ignores duplicate
> acknowledgments.
> In the most brutal implementation, both sides use a light database to
> hold messages, and store everything.  There are more intelligent ways
> to hold persistent queues but that's an implementation detail.
> The above design covers crashes in the publisher, consumer, and
> network afaics.  Throughput would depend on message size, since
> messages can easily be batched and acknowledged in blocks.
> Has anyone been implementing such reliability on top of 0MQ already?
> -Pieter
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