[zeromq-dev] 'zmqd' device

Jon Dyte jon at totient.co.uk
Mon Apr 5 15:58:30 CEST 2010

gonzalo diethelm wrote:
>>> Though should the device type be part of the xml config or a command
>>> line flag
>>> eg:
>>> zmq_device --queue myconfig.xml
>>> or just
>>> zmq_device myconfig.xml # device type is in the xml
>>> thoughts?
>> I would say there should be a possibility to define multiple devices
>> within a single "0mq daemon":
>> <config>
>>    <device type = "forwarder">
>>      ...
>>    </device>
>>    <device type = "queue">
>>      ...
>>    </device>
>> </config>
>> ...
>> $ zmqd myconfig.xml
> Just to disrupt things a little, and also due to my hatred of XML... It
> would be great if one could specify this configuration purely with
> command-line options. If we do keep the XML config file, it would also
> be great to be able to override any of those options from the
> command-line.
> (Ducks and runs).
I like the idea of a zmqd with multiple devices (normally each device in 
it's own thread I presume).

I'm not a great fan of xml either Gonzalo, though that Xml library 
included in zmq is so small and
easy to use. (I used it for something else because compared to xerces it 
is trivial).

You could add the options to be on the command line , but my worry  
would be that the comand line arg list
could get very busy. The xml allows multiple addresses to be specified 
both as connect/bind for each socket.


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