[zeromq-dev] Windows bug fix

Robin Weisberg robin at scout-trading.com
Tue Sep 15 23:34:57 CEST 2009

We encountered an issue where a windows app would crash if we were sending
messages when a listener was down and had never come up. We got an assert in
tcp_socket.cpp on line 163.

wsa_assert (nbytes != SOCKET_ERROR);

The error being returned from WSAGetLastError () was 10053

Not sure if this is the correct change but changing the code above the
assert to include this error code seemed to make the problem go away.


if (nbytes == -1 && (
          WSAGetLastError () == WSAECONNRESET ||
          WSAGetLastError () == WSAECONNREFUSED ||
          WSAGetLastError () == WSAECONNABORTED ||
          WSAGetLastError () == WSAENOTCONN))
        return -1;

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