[zeromq-dev] Presence notification

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Tue Nov 10 23:41:55 CET 2009

Hi Alexander,

There's no management functionality at the moment.

However, if you are interested in it, connect-ing applications are
actually sending their identity to the application they are connected
to, so it is theoretically possible to get the list on the bind-ing side
of the connection.

However, keep in mind that once the layout of the network is more complex
(involving more than a single hop to get message through - say using
forwarder device) the application has no idea what lies behind the first
hop. That would make the feature pretty lame IMO.


On 10/11/2009, "Alexander" <mittspamkonto at gmail.com> wrote:

>Hi Again,
>I was just wondering if there is any mechanism in zero mq which lets
>you monitor which subscribed clients queues or topics have. This would
>be used mostly for monitoring, but we also have some use cases where
>the sender makes sanity checks to make sure there is a receiver of a
>message. This could of course be implemented on top of JMS, but it
>would be a useful feature for what we are doing.
>Best regards,
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