[zeromq-dev] is pgm transport working in alpha3?

Yuri Finkelstein yurif2005 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 23:26:53 CET 2009

I'm trying to run the perf test using openpgm multicast and can't get it to

machine 1:

 sudo ./perf/cpp/local_thr "udp://eth0;" 1024 100000

machine 2
 sudo ./perf/cpp/remote_thr "udp://eth0;" 1024 100000

the remote_thr process exits silently after few seconds.

Some time after that tje local_thr process reports:
** (process:32674): WARNING **: peer expired, tsi

No evidence ot packets sent or received. The same works with TCP as

I tried pgm:// with the same result.

I do see both processes joining multicast group on their boxes using netstat

Documentation for 1.0 version says that zmq_server needs to be running in
the background for multicast to work. But in 2.0 alpha there is no such
process needed anymore. Right?

What's wrong here?

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