[zeromq-dev] .Net Assert Error: Line 93, locator.cpp

Martin Sustrik sustrik at fastmq.com
Mon May 18 10:56:36 CEST 2009

Sean McKay wrote:

> Regarding the in-process messaging utility, if you point me to the specific
> functions, I can see if adding I can make it work via P/Invoke and if so,
> can provide an updated Zmq.cs.

To do in-process messaging you have to open 2 api_thread objects, 
declare exchange or queue with scope_process in one of them, in the 
other one declare local queue/exchange and bind it to the global one.

It's basically the same thing as when you are doing now, the only 
difference is that you have two api_thread objects instead of two Zmq 
instances. api_thread is accessible from C++, it's not accessible from 
.NET at the moment. You may want to have a look at this thread 
discussing exposing api_threads in Java:



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