[zeromq-dev] "Drop ACID and Think About Data" - great article on where DBs should be going and what is there today

Martin Sustrik sustrik at fastmq.com
Mon May 11 12:27:11 CEST 2009

Apps, John wrote:
> Drop Acid and Think About Data at http://bit.ly/vI8zt.
> Abstract: "Building large systems on top of a traditional
> single-master RDBMS data storage layer is no longer good enough. This
> talk explores the landscape of new technologies available today to
> augment your data layer to improve performance and reliability. Is
> your application a good fit for caches, bloom filters, bitmap
> indexes, column stores, distributed key/value stores, or document
> databases? Learn how they work (in theory and practice) and decide
> for yourself. "
> When thinking about building systems with durable messaging and very
> high performance, the above article does provide some good insight
> into what is there today, what might be there tomorrow, and a bunch
> of reviews of current software in the (mainly) Open Source space.

It's pretty relevant IMO. Databases and messaging systems are quite 
similar (how often we've seen using DB instead of messaging, INSERT to 
send a message, SELECT to get a batch of messages...)

What they say in the article is that traditional ACID databases don't 
scale well. To achieve high scalability you have to loosen your 

We see the same thing with centralised messaging brokers. They work well 
until a certain limit is reached. Once the threshold is exceeded the 
ACID nature of traditional guaranteed delivery model becomes an obstacle 
to scaling.


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