[zeromq-dev] Load balancing & PGM

Vladimir & Mihaela puiuvlad at optonline.net
Fri Mar 20 03:45:28 CET 2009

>From an application perspective, the dispatcher (HA pair, when available)
responds to the 'join the collective' message sent by an unknown number of
worker processes. If a worker disconnects gracefully, it can send a 'leave
the collective' message to the dispatcher. I would like to be able to detect
when a worker has crashed (for example) and is no longer available. My tests
show that when that happens the dispatcher does not crash (as I was fearing
your reply implied).

Any suggestions?

Finally, yes I am interested in playing with the Win32 native implementation
of PGM. Do I need any special setup in Windows? Can you point me to the
appropriate documentation?


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