[zeromq-dev] exchange id issue.

Martin Sustrik sustrik at fastmq.com
Wed Mar 18 18:20:28 CET 2009


> Are there performance implications with using scope_process instead of 
> scope_global?

The only implication of scope_process is that no listening socket is 
opened, thus the object is not accessible from the network. This may 
come handy if all you need is to send messages between threads in a 
single process.

> Also, it sounds like scope_local is not something the user should ever use?

Think of a server application and the clients. Server application 
creates a global object (either queue or exchange). This means other 
applications will be able to connect to the object.

As you don't need anybody to connect to your client app, you don't need 
to create global object in the client. Instead, you create a local 
object and bind it to the global object exposed by the server application.

Have a look at the chat example. The "chatroom" component acts as a 
server. "display" and "prompt" applications are clients connecting to 
the server (chatroom) so they don't need to expose any global objects.


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