[zeromq-dev] error handler for load-balancing global exchange

Aamir M aamirjvm at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 19:24:05 CET 2009


I use a global load-balancing exchange to send data to a cluster of
client systems. So a single server process creates global
load-balancing exchange, and multiple client processes bind local
queues to the exchange. I am assuming that this is how it is intended
to be used. The biggest issue I'm experiencing with this setup is that
if a client process disconnects, the server process has no way of
knowing WHICH client process disconnected. The server process can
register an error handler, but the error handler only gets the name of
the local object (the global exchange) and knows nothing about which
client failed. A less serious issue is that (without adding additional
ZeroMQ wirings) the server process also has no way of knowing how many
clients are currently connected to the load-balancing global exchange
... how does one keep track of the resources that are being
load-balanced without such features?


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