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Baranski, Antek abaranski at ea.com
Tue Jun 23 00:52:47 CEST 2009

Hi there,

I am looking into using 0MQ for a project at EA and I was wondering if anyone could confirm the possibility of doing the following using 0MQ, and if 0MQ is the right solution for this.

What I need to create is a system that will be listening to events being posted on 'fixed' TCP connection to various servers on which a constant stream of 'messages' will be posted. This system will take each of these messages and do some processing based on an XML configuration file that will tell the system what to do with the various fields in those messages. Once processed the system will publish these 'new' messages which again can be picked up by various consumers, like MSSQL listeners that will insert this data into a MSSQL cluster.

Is 0MQ the right solution for this? Is it overkill? Anything better/easier out there that I should look at?

Antek S. Baranski
Technical Director - Development Transformation
Work : 604 - 456 - 1746 (x11746)
Cell :     778 - 668 - 7174

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