[zeromq-dev] Kernel Fault on XP SP3

Sean McKay sean at on-track-solutions.com
Wed Jun 17 16:32:14 CEST 2009



An application that has been running fine on Windows Server 2008 does not
seem to work on XP SP3, and in particular from various trace logs I was able
to determine that it blows up when I attempt to send a message, but works
fine up to that point.  Unfortunately, I don't have any useful information,
just what shows up in the event log:                


Faulting application faulting module kernel32.dll, version 5.1.2600.5781,
stamp 49c4f482, debug? 0, fault address 0x00012afb


As a particular question, are there any DLL dependencies or special
configurations I should know about on XP SP3?  I used Dependency Walker but
wasn't able to find anything except the DWMAPI.DLL, and I do not believe
that is an issue (since that is primarily for Internet Explorer). 


Any tips / advice would be greatly appreciated.




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