[zeromq-dev] Java examples

Roshan Punnoose rpunnoose at proteus-technologies.com
Tue Jun 2 16:22:31 CEST 2009

Thanks for the examples. When I tried running one of the examples, I got
this exception:

java j_remote_lat localhost 0 1 10 2
java: ip.cpp:207: void zmq::resolve_nic_name(in_addr*, const char*):
Assertion `rc != 0' failed.

Any ideas?

I want to run each client remotely, but I guess I don't understand the
concept of what makes something a local connection verses a remote
connection according to these tests.

On 6/1/09 2:12 PM, "Pavol Malosek" <malosek at fastmq.com> wrote:

> Java examplesHello Roshan,
> have a look in perf/tests/zmq. There are java tests progs located.
> j_local_lat.java  j_local_thr.java  j_remote_lat.java  j_remote_thr.java
> Java docs can be found at http://www.zeromq.org/area:docs:java
> malo
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>> Subject: [zeromq-dev] Java examples
>> Does anyone have any examples of using the Java client? I just need a
> simple example of being able to send a message >from one Java client to
> another on two separate machines. Thanks
>> Roshan

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