[zeromq-dev] Use of zeromq within a machine

Martin Sustrik sustrik at fastmq.com
Tue Jun 2 08:43:19 CEST 2009

Hi Bill,

> I wonder if anyone can provide results or pointers on use of zeromq 
> within a single multicore machine?
> I currently am building some code that uses zeromq between machines but 
> it is inevitable that some of my processes will be colocated on the same 
> multicore machine. Ideally, I'd have as little knowledge of this as 
> possible and just treat everything as messaging.

You can use 0MQ via loopback interface, however, if you are striving for 
best possible performance I would suggest making each application a 
thread within a single process. 0MQ communication between threads has 
the same API as inter-machine communication and it is much faster than 
standard inter-thread communication via mutexes and al. It uses 
lock-free algorithms, zero-copy (even for one-to-many messaging) 
extremely conservative memory allocation etc.

> How does zeromq compare, in efficiency/performance, to more typical 
> shared memory programming techniques? Or indeed hackery with 
> splice/tee/vmsplice?

There's no shared-memory or splice transport at the moment. It would be 
a nice to have feature however. If there's anyone who would like to 
contribute to adding this kind of functionality out there the 
contributions are most welcome!

Hope this helps.

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