[zeromq-dev] ZeroMQ and Boost

dhruva dhruva at ymail.com
Fri Jul 31 12:44:18 CEST 2009


> 1. Is Boost.Asio just a thin wrapper over OS networking API or does it do any 
> additional processing (like thread synchronisation)? In the latter case it would 
> hurt 0MQ's performance.

It offers a  platform independent layer for many of the networking calls (thin layer). Primarily, it is an implementation of REACTOR and PROACTOR (either or both) design pattern. This was originally implemented by Douglas Schmidt and group in the ACE (Adaptive Communication Environment). Python has Twisted Python and Perl has POE implementing the above pattern.

> 2. Does Boost.Asio work well on exitic platforms, say OpenVMS?

Not sure. I am happy to see the interest in supporting OpenVMS. I worked in the OpenVMS lab getting Samba work on OpenVMS.


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