[zeromq-dev] ZeroMQ and Boost

dhruva dhruva at ymail.com
Tue Jul 28 15:18:41 CEST 2009

Some of you core developers can post to the Boost developers mailing list if they would take ZeroMQ as 
part of Boost. I think ZeroMQ will need to have Boost License (BGL). Maybe 2 variants can be 
maintained with BGL for stuff in Boost. ASIO itself is maintained on sourceforge which gets occasionally
merged into Boost mainstream. So, you can have ASIO and Boost'ified ASIO in parallel.
Bringing this discussion on the boost developer list is a good starting point. If all goes well, getting 
ZeroMQ into Boost Sandbox. Then the review process which takes time but reviews are very good. It 
finally makes it into Boost release. Boost is at 1.39 and things are planned till 1.41 (leaning on my memory)...


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> > Any thoughts on  getting ZeroMQ part of Boost? Since MQ is a pattern for 
> distributed computing, I feel it could fit in Boost. With Boost ASIO and ZeroMQ, 
> the distributed computing story will be more complete.
> > Since Boost has various locks, ZeroMQ could use that instead of having its 
> own. I am still exploring the ZeroMQ code to find similarities or overlapping 
> functionality with Boost. Just my thought that I felt like sharing.
> This is a very interesting idea.  We'd thought of using Boost to make
> 0MQ, but it was slow in fatal ways.  However, putting 0MQ into Boost
> is much neater and would make it accessible to lots more people.
> Any suggestions for how to proceed?
> -Pieter

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