[zeromq-dev] non blocking receive and api_thread_poll_rate

Павел Гуща pavimus at gmail.com
Tue Jul 28 01:41:55 CEST 2009

I have multithreaded application, powered by 0MQ. One of threads has
following algorithm:

while (true) {
   sleep one second;
   int queue_id=api_thread->receive(my_message,false); // use non blocking
   if (queue_id!=0) break; // break loop, if message was received.

All works, but... time between sending message from another thread and
breaking loop in this thread is above minute! I looked at zeromq sources and
see following code in receive function:

    if (++ ticks == api_thread_poll_rate) {
        ypollset_t::integer_t signals = pollset.check ();
        if (signals)
            process_commands (signals);
        ticks = 0;

additionally i found, that api_thread_poll_rate is equal to 100. So, time
between calls of process_commands() for my case (because of sleep) is about
100 seconds.

After that, i tried to call "api_thread->flush()" before
"api_thread->receive()" and this big delay between message sending and
receiving disappears! This is because flush() function explicitly call

How i can solve this problem in more elegant way than calling flush() ?
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