[zeromq-dev] bind exchange and queue between two api_thread_t

Jon Dyte jon at totient.co.uk
Thu Jul 2 00:49:10 CEST 2009


if you are binding an exchange and queue from two api_thread_ts, is it correct 
that you pass NULL as the 3rd and 4th arguments to bind?
This below appears to work, I only ask because there is an old example on the 
list showing not passing the 3rd and 4th examples and that does not compile 
any more and the documentation for bind doesnt appear to mention passing 

zmq::dispatcher_t dispatcher (2);
zmq::locator_t locator ;

  zmq::api_thread_t * t_api = zmq::api_thread_t::create (&dispatcher, 
  zmq::api_thread_t * api = zmq::api_thread_t::create (&dispatcher, &locator);

  int exchange = api->create_exchange("X", zmq::scope_process);
  t_api->create_queue("Q", zmq::scope_local);

  t_api->bind("X", "Q",NULL,NULL);



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