[zeromq-dev] programmable message routing

Ferenc Szalai szferi at wsbricks.com
Thu Jan 22 12:14:36 CET 2009

Hi Martin,

Martin Sustrik wrote:
> I am not sure what exactly does your scenario look like, but I suspect 
> you may want load-balancing (i.e. fair distribution of messages between 
> several queues). If that's the case have a look at 0.3.3 branch in 
> Subversion. There, you cas specify a 'load-balance' flag when creating 
> the exchange that will cause exchange to distribute messages between the 
> queues in round-robin manner.

To be honest it was just a toy scenario :) My original idea was to 
implement Amazon SQS like message routing:


> As for more complex routing, yes, it's on our roadmap. If you want to 
> contribute here we'll be happy to collaborate with you.
> Basically, the idea of generalised routing is that there'll be another 
> layer on top of existing 0MQ implementation that will define special 
> section of the message (a.k.a. message header) containing data that can 
> be used by routing algorithm. The layer should expose an API that would 
> allow 0MQ users to specify the message header (this can be a simple 
> integer, string or even a table of name-value pairs).

Will this API a part of the message class? Something like this:

message_t::add_header(void *header_data_, size_t header_size_);
void *message_t::get_header_data();
size_t message_t::get_header_size();

How do you think the raw_message should modify to handle this?

> Once you have that you are able to write an exchange implementation that 
> will check the message header and dispatch the message to appropriate 
> destinations.

Currently in the api_thread the exchange type is std::pair <std::string, 
out_engine_t*>. Which means that writing own exchange implementation 
means writing own out_engine which is a simple wrapper around demux.
How the users will be able to write own exchange without dealing 
raw_message? Do you have any plan yet?


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