[zeromq-dev] MSVC vs. MinGW build

Holger Hoffstätte holger at wizards.de
Mon Jan 5 16:32:43 CET 2009

Pavol Malosek wrote:
> As was said in previous discusion
>> 4. There may be performance difference between MSVC and gcc (MinGW) build.
> We can see that there is no statistically relevant difference between MSVC 
> and MinGW build.
> Is there anybody here having different results?

Unfortunately I currently cannot contribute anything to the discussion(s)
around build systems and MinGW, but the difference may well be caused by
the outdated gcc in stock MinGW. Maybe try a very recent 4.3.2 one from
here: http://www.tdragon.net/recentgcc/ - it has worked very well so far
and even supports OpenMP. :)
This is what I tried to use with cmake on Windows, but as zmq apparently
still depends on autotools (which I neither have nor will install) I
didn't get further yet. not enough time at the moment..sorry about that.


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