[zeromq-dev] MSVC vs. MinGW build

Pavol Malosek malosek at fastmq.com
Mon Jan 5 16:13:28 CET 2009


As was said in previous discusion
> 4. There may be performance difference between MSVC and gcc (MinGW) build.

We have made some quick measurements and here are the results:

latency test 100000 msgs, 1B
throughtput test 10000000 msgs, 1B

latency: 112.5 us
throughput: 2.5 Mmsg/s

latency: 118.52 us
throughput: 2.4 Mmsg/s

Ubuntu 8.04
latency: 75.9 us
throughput: 4Mmsg/s

For the test two ordinary untuned desktop PCs were used with 1Gb switched 
network connection.

We can see that there is no statistically relevant difference between MSVC 
and MinGW build.
Is there anybody here having different results?


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