[zeromq-dev] SCTP

Martin Sustrik sustrik at fastmq.com
Sun Jan 4 11:49:30 CET 2009

Hi all,

There's a simple SCTP adaptor in 0MQ trunk. It's a by-product of the 
work done to allow different underlying network transports in 0MQ. This 
work in its turn was done because of prospective addition of reliable 
multicast transport (PGM) to the project.

Thus, the SCTP thing is not an attempt to add a full-blown SCTP support 
to 0MQ.

Still, given that the code is already in place, it would be nice to make 
it work in the way to suit SCTP user's needs. If there's anybody from 
telecom industry (or other SCTP user) on the mailing list it would be 
good to know what are the actual requirements:

Does 0MQ message have to map 1:1 with the SCTP message? Is the 
performance decrease worth of it? Or should we batch many 0MQ messages 
into a single SCTP message to make it more efficient? Is anybody doing 
on-wire sniffing of SCTP packets and thus requiring fixed binary format 
for the message? How should multihoming work? Should we fill in fixed 
PPID into every SCTP packet or should it be configurable by user? Is 
there a need for separate data streams within a single connection? Etc.

Any feedback on the issue would be appreciated.


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