[zeromq-dev] OpenVMS port

Pavol Malosek malosek at fastmq.com
Fri Feb 13 14:32:06 CET 2009


FYI:   ZMQ_HAVE_OPENVMS macro has been added into the trunk sources (rev. 
1031) + fixed 2 bugs found by VMS compiler.
For those who would like to try it out, We have prepared source package but 
only for manual compilation (for the moment).

Download from http://www.zeromq.org/local--files/area:download/zmq-1031.tgz

Anyway AMQP related source files are still missing proper OpenVMS includes.

We are going to merge subsequent changes to the codebase gradually.


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Subject: [zeromq-dev] OpenVMS port

> Hi all,
> I'm moving the discussion on ongoing porting of 0MQ to OpenVMS to the
> mailing list in case people would like to join in.
> At the moment the code can be compiled (we'll merge the tweaks into the
> mainline shortly) although only by hand (there's no GNU autotools port
> for OpenVMS):
> $ define/job zmq DISK$ODS5DISK:[HINTJENS.zmq-05.libzmq.zmq]
> $ set verify
> $ cxx/define=__USE_STD_IOSTREAM/names=(as_is,shortened) tcp_socket.cpp
> $ cxx/define=__USE_STD_IOSTREAM/names=(as_is,shortened) ysocketpair.cpp
> ...
> $ cxx/define=__USE_STD_IOSTREAM/names=(as_is,shortened) amqp_decoder.cpp
> $ cxx/define=__USE_STD_IOSTREAM/names=(as_is,shortened) 
> amqp_marshaller.cpp
> $ cxx/define=__USE_STD_IOSTREAM/names=(as_is,shortened)
> amqp_unmarshaller.cpp
> $
> $ lib/create libzmq.olb
> $ lib/repl/log libzmq.olb *.obj;
> $ purge/log
> Brett Cameron comments:
> Given more time I would probably put together a command procedure to do
> the equivalent of GNU autotools (such things aren't available on
> OpenVMS), the end product of which would be the OpenVMS equivalent of a
> Makefile (well, multiple makefiles I guess) that one could then use to
> do the build. HP provides a product called mms which approximates make,
> and there is a piece of free software called mmk which does pretty much
> the same thing. I would suggest that mmk would be the way to go, as it
> is freely available, although that being said, most of the OpenVMS
> customers that would be interested in 0MQ would most likely have mms.
> Pavol Malosek comments:

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