[zeromq-dev] Compile libdnzmq with /clr support (no old syntax)

Martin Sustrik sustrik at fastmq.com
Thu Feb 12 18:15:36 CET 2009

Hi Barak,

> We can use P/Invoke to the C API and the code could work for Mono.

How much work would that involve in your opinion?

> About the license, where do I need to state the MIT license?  I can 
> attach my version of the file if you prefer.

Just write an email to the mailing list saying "I'm submitting my 
previous patch to 0MQ project under MIT license." That would do.

> Btw, I didn't tested the code in a real application, I just used the 
> sample I found in the project to see if it works, just in case somebody 
> want to test it before submitting the patch.

Yes, we are testing all the patches before merging them into the 
mainline. We'll do that tomorrow.


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