[zeromq-dev] 0MQ/0.5 released

Martin Sustrik sustrik at fastmq.com
Fri Feb 6 13:02:53 CET 2009

Hi all,

I'm happy to announce that version 0.5 of 0MQ was released.

ØMQ/0.5 delivers several new features that can prove to be of great 
value in real-world scenarios. Auto-reconnect feature improves overall 
robustness of the system and makes it tolerate even network outages and 
application failures. Flow control and queue limits allow you to 
explicitly control the system in congestion conditions. .NET extension 
provides access to the universe of C# and Visual Basic business 
applications while multi-protocol support allows you to leverage 
advantages of different networking protocols: ubiquitous TCP, PGM 
reliable multicast, AMQP business messaging protocol and SCTP telephony.

Download 0MQ here:


Read a design document here:



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