[zeromq-dev] coexistence zmq1 and zmq2

Pavel Gushcha pavimus at gmail.com
Tue Dec 22 08:56:11 CET 2009

2009/12/21 Martin Sustrik <sustrik at 250bpm.com>

> Hi Pavel,
>  I want to have zmq1 and zmq2 both installed on my system at same time. But
>> they both use same filenames when i do 'make install'. I tried using
>> "../configure --program-suffix=2" but this doesn't help. Is there any
>> workaround?
> I am not an expert on autotools, but even if they don't allow this kind of
> thing you can rename the library by hand and modify your applications to
> link with the correct library. Alternative way is to install zmq1 and zmq2
> to different directories (configure --prefix=...) and specify the correct
> path when building/running the application.

i think, only possibility is renaming files, install to other directory will
not help in case if i want to use zmq1 and zmq2 in one application.

>  Moreover, i want to mix zmq1 and zmq2 in one application (zmq1
>> exchanges/queues will talk only with others zmq1 exchanges/queues, and zmq2
>> sockets will only talk with others zmq2 sockets). This is possible? I need
>> this because i want step by step port parts of my system to zmq2, and is too
>> long to port whole system in one step.
> In theory yes. The wire format haven't changed between zmq1 and zmq2 so all
> what you would need to do is to register those zmq2 applications that are
> binding to a network interface with zmq_server by hand. Simply edit the
> configuration XML file for zmq_server:
>  <node name = "my_zmq2_application" location = "zmq.tcp://
> However, nobody ever tried this kind of setup.

I don't want send messages from zmq1 to zmq2 or from zmq2 to zmq1 (as i
described above). So, if there no any hard limitation in code may be i'll
get no problem :-)

> Martin
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