[zeromq-dev] coexistence zmq1 and zmq2

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Mon Dec 21 15:10:17 CET 2009

Hi Pavel,

> I want to have zmq1 and zmq2 both installed on my system at same time. 
> But they both use same filenames when i do 'make install'. I tried using 
> "../configure --program-suffix=2" but this doesn't help. Is there any 
> workaround?

I am not an expert on autotools, but even if they don't allow this kind 
of thing you can rename the library by hand and modify your applications 
to link with the correct library. Alternative way is to install zmq1 and 
zmq2 to different directories (configure --prefix=...) and specify the 
correct path when building/running the application.

> Moreover, i want to mix zmq1 and zmq2 in one application (zmq1 
> exchanges/queues will talk only with others zmq1 exchanges/queues, and 
> zmq2 sockets will only talk with others zmq2 sockets). This is possible? 
> I need this because i want step by step port parts of my system to zmq2, 
> and is too long to port whole system in one step.

In theory yes. The wire format haven't changed between zmq1 and zmq2 so 
all what you would need to do is to register those zmq2 applications 
that are binding to a network interface with zmq_server by hand. Simply 
edit the configuration XML file for zmq_server:

   <node name = "my_zmq2_application" location = 

However, nobody ever tried this kind of setup.


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