[zeromq-dev] [PATCH] CL: fix race in memory management

Vitaly Mayatskikh v.mayatskih at gmail.com
Fri Dec 18 14:27:30 CET 2009


It was not clear who (libzmq or Lisp) and how should free message
buffer. Given that we don't have portable method to access lisp object
blobs, and bindings have to convert data between Lisp and C anyway,
memory stuff was reworked: buffer is allocated by libzmq, data
from lisp object is converted to this buffer directly.

Also I've missed how to deal with shared messages last time, shared
stuff was thrown away.

diff --git a/bindings/cl/zeromq-api.lisp b/bindings/cl/zeromq-api.lisp
index 953b98b..188bdd4 100644
--- a/bindings/cl/zeromq-api.lisp
+++ b/bindings/cl/zeromq-api.lisp
@@ -17,28 +17,51 @@
 (in-package :zeromq)
+;; Stolen from CFFI. Uses custom allocator (alloc-fn) instead of foreign-alloc
+(defun copy-lisp-string-octets (string alloc-fn &key (encoding cffi::*default-foreign-encoding*)
+                             (null-terminated-p t) (start 0) end)
+  "Allocate a foreign string containing Lisp string STRING.
+The string must be freed with FOREIGN-STRING-FREE."
+  (check-type string string)
+  (cffi::with-checked-simple-vector ((string (coerce string 'babel:unicode-string))
+				     (start start) (end end))
+    (declare (type simple-string string))
+    (let* ((mapping (cffi::lookup-mapping cffi::*foreign-string-mappings* encoding))
+           (count (funcall (cffi::octet-counter mapping) string start end 0))
+           (length (if null-terminated-p
+                       (+ count (cffi::null-terminator-len encoding))
+                       count))
+	   (ptr (funcall alloc-fn length)))
+      (funcall (cffi::encoder mapping) string start end ptr 0)
+      (when null-terminated-p
+        (dotimes (i (cffi::null-terminator-len encoding))
+          (setf (mem-ref ptr :char (+ count i)) 0)))
+      (values ptr length))))
 (defclass msg ()
-  ((raw		:accessor msg-raw :initform nil)
-   (shared	:accessor msg-shared :initform 0 :initarg :shared)))
+  ((raw		:accessor msg-raw :initform nil)))
 (defmethod initialize-instance :after ((inst msg) &key size data)
   (let ((obj (foreign-alloc 'msg)))
-    (with-slots (raw shared) inst
-      (setf raw obj)
-      (tg:finalize inst (lambda ()
-			  (%msg-close raw)
-			  (foreign-free raw)))
-      (when shared
-	(setf (foreign-slot-value obj 'msg 'shared) (if shared 1 0)))
-      (cond (size (%msg-init-size raw size))
-	    (data
-	     (multiple-value-bind (ptr len)
-		 (etypecase data
-		   (string (foreign-string-alloc data))
-		   (array (values (foreign-alloc :uchar :initial-contents data)
-				  (length data))))
-	       (msg-init-data raw ptr len (callback zmq-free))))
-	    (t (msg-init raw))))))
+    (tg:finalize inst (lambda ()
+			(%msg-close obj)
+			(foreign-free obj)))
+    (cond (size (%msg-init-size obj size))
+	  (data
+	   (etypecase data
+	     (string (copy-lisp-string-octets
+		      data (lambda (sz)
+			     (%msg-init-size obj sz)
+			     (%msg-data obj))))
+	     (array (progn
+		      (%msg-init-size obj (length data))
+		      (let ((ptr (%msg-data obj))
+			    (i -1))
+			(map nil (lambda (x)
+				   (setf (mem-aref ptr :uchar (incf i)) x))
+			     data))))))
+	  (t (msg-init obj)))
+    (setf (msg-raw inst) obj)))
 (defclass pollitem ()
   ((raw		:accessor pollitem-raw :initform nil)

wbr, Vitaly

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