[zeromq-dev] Java API is not notifed of C++ assert failures.

Martin Sustrik sustrik at fastmq.com
Thu Apr 16 08:28:19 CEST 2009

Hi Vladimir,

> My development environment for my toy project is indeed Windows, but my
> question was referring to the best numbers that are available on any 0MQ
> supported platform, such that I come up with an architecture that meets my
> requirements from the get go and does not need to be changed along the way.

0MQ itself doesn't impose any limit on  opened connections (aside of 4 
billion limit due to use of 32 bit indices). However, the figure is 
limited by the underlying OS. Here you have to have a look at the OS 
documentation to find out how to set the limits so that they meet your 

> Regarding the "message routing:" if DIS creates the global queue disQ and
> both SIM1 and SIM2 connect their local exchanges to disQ, doesn't it mean
> that both SIM1 and SIM2 are interested in what DIS has to say? Otherwise
> they would create separate point to point connections. But you have shunned
> that alternative already. I assume you mean to allow somehow the application
> to specify which messasges get routed to which subscriber. Is my assumption
> correct?

There are two concepts involved here. One is "binding" - that's the 
thing that's implemented already. It means that you want to have 
physical connection to the data feed.

The other one is "routing" which determines which messages are to be 
actually delivered. You may be interested only in a small portion of the 
overall feed.

Here's an example of how it should work:

create_queue ("Q");
subscribe ("Q", "value>10");
message_t msg;
receive (&msg);

Line 2 creates a connection to the box hosting MY_GLOBAL_EXCHANGE. Line 
3 specifies that only messages with property 'value' greater than 10 are 

Doest that make sense?


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