[zeromq-dev] 0MQ packages - call for comments!

Vladimir & Mihaela puiuvlad at optonline.net
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The way I use 0MQ via Java under Windows is as follows:

(1) I put jzmq.dll and libzmq.dll in the classpath (execution time).
(2) I put the source file Jzmq.java in my project, together with my other
source files, and compile it.

An alternative to (2) would be to have the Jzmq*.class files packaged in a
jar (e.g., jzmq.jar), and put that jar in the lib directory; this way I no
longer need to place the source file in my project and compile it.


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> Java bindings building and installation procedure looks broken.
> Firstly, I need to pass JAVA_HOME to the ./configure-script and,
> secondly, necessary class-files are not installed at all. However, I'm
> not a java-expert and don't use it personally.


I'm nor java expert as well but do you think that to create zeromq.jar
during make procedure would be helpfull?
We can install jar archive to some destination given by --with-javadir
option as well.

To set JAVA_HOME is necessary since there is no standard platform
way how to find java headers location.


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