[zeromq-dev] 0MQ packages - call for comments!

Martin Sustrik sustrik at fastmq.com
Tue Apr 14 12:38:39 CEST 2009

Peter Lemenkov wrote:
> Hello!
> 2009/4/14 Martin Sustrik <sustrik at fastmq.com>:
>> We are currently considering delivering 0MQ as binary packages -
>> starting with individual Linux distros, later on moving to different OSes.
> I suspect that pushing ZeroMQ binary packages directly into main Linux
> distributions repositories is better idea.

Sure. However, before doing so we have to polish the packaging 
mechanism. Also, some more cooperation would be good. What's the state 
of Fedora package for example? If it's available we should say so on the 
'download' webpage.

>> It would be extremely helpful to get users comments on the best
>> configuration to be used for binary packages.
>> What follows is my personal proposal:
>> The core package:
>>  libzmq extesions:
>>    SCTP: no
>>    PGM: no
>>    AMQP: no
> I think that enabling SCTP and AMQP is a generally good idea.

ad SCTP: It's a tradeoff. Using SCTP would be most probably restricted 
to the telecom companies. That's below 5% IMO. On the other hand it 
requires libsctp dependency. I have no special preference here.

ad AMQP: There may be a problem with shipping AMQP specification with 
Debian. The subject have been discussed with respect to inclusion of 
RabbitMQ to debian:


0MQ is a bit different as it doesn't require the spec to be physically 
included into the package, still, it would probably require a lawyer to 
confirm it.

>>  Utilities:
>>    zmq_server: yes
>>    cpu frequency estimator: no
>>  Addons:
>>    manual pages: yes
>>    performance tests: no
>>    camera example: no
>>    stock exchange example: no
>>    chartoom example: no
>>    butterfly example: no
> Agree.
>> Language bindings can be delivered as separate packages:
>>    C language binding: yes
>>    Python language binding: yes
>>    Java language binding: yes
>>    CLR binding: yes
> Java bindings building and installation procedure looks broken.
> Firstly, I need to pass JAVA_HOME to the ./configure-script and,
> secondly, necessary class-files are not installed at all. However, I'm
> not a java-expert and don't use it personally.

>> Thoughts? Comments? Requirements?
>> Martin


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