[zeromq-dev] zmq cmake patch

Pavol Malosek malosek at fastmq.com
Thu Nov 20 13:32:37 CET 2008

One more note to think about:)

Version numbering should be done in a way that there is ZMQ version itself 
and separate libzmq version which does not have to follow main ZMQ version 
line. We would like to keep the standard in a way 
interface_number.implementation_number.previous_interfaces_support for 
libzmq and some more market driven versioning for ZMQ itself.


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> George,
> In attachment is patch against rev. 641 it adds only very basic support 
> for
> cmake (only zmq and zmq_server is build on Linux).
> It is based on your work and should be seen as a model and starting point.
> I'm "few hours" cmake user and hence your experience is important for us,
> anyway here are my notes to cmake support.

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