[zeromq-dev] 0.4 release

Martin Sustrik sustrik at fastmq.com
Wed Nov 19 16:53:47 CET 2008


>> I would like to converge to 0.4 release during next week. If you want to get
>> the HP-UX & AIX support to the release, it should be done by then. Otherwise
>> we can aim for the subsequent release.
> Cool.  I was hoping to get some more feed back on the cmake patch, but
> if you are okay with just adding what I have at the time you release
> that'd be fine as well.  Really, it won't affect the current autotools
> build at all.

Cmake patch is irrelevant for the release, so there's no reason for any 
haste. Release will be packaged by autotools and distributed as such. 
cmake patch will be merged into trunk and it will have no impact on the 
release even if it is non-functional at the moment.

OTOH, AIX & HP-UX ports do affect the release. That's why I've asked 
specifically about them.

> To build on HP/UX with the aCC compiler there were some additional
> compiler flags which need to be set (-AA -D_XOPEN_SOURCE=500
> -D_HPUX_SOURCE).   You have already patched in the immediate "won't
> compile" stuff to trunk, so I think we are good there.

I would expect that at least ZMQ_HAVE_AIX and ZMQ_HAVE_HPUX macros 
should be introduced into the code.

Say a poll_thread is currently ifdef'd like this:

#if defined ZMQ_HAVE_LINUX || defined ZMQ_HAVE_FREEBSD ||\
     defined ZMQ_HAVE_OSX || defined ZMQ_HAVE_SOLARIS ||\
     defined ZMQ_HAVE_OPENBSD || defined ZMQ_HAVE_QNXNTO

If AIX and/or HP-UX support POSIX 'poll' function we should add them to 
the ifdef.

> Is it okay to maintain my current cmake patch against trunk, or would
> you prefer it against a different branch?

Malo will shortly merge your patch into the trunk, however, you have to 
state it's licensed under MIT license first. Code with unclear licensing 
cannot be merged into the project as it may jeopardise it's FOSS nature.

Same applies to branches. We may create a branch in SVN for you, 
however, you would have to sign CAL first so that it's clear that any 
commits you'll do are properly licensed.


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