[zeromq-dev] Building on Windows

Martin Sustrik sustrik at fastmq.com
Wed Dec 31 13:18:36 CET 2008

Here I'm resending a reply from Matus Hamorsky:

If I was you I would leave MSVC as is, so that it compiles with VC 
Express (free).

Many other open source libraries (at least openssl and curl) do use 
standard VC project (normally version VC 6.0 that is the common lowest 
denominator) - all the higher versions of VC know how to convert the 
project file.

Speaking of MinGW do you mean build only (gnu make) or gcc as well? 
[I've meant both.] Because if you mean gcc you can encounter problems 
with linking static libraries on x86 (32 bit). I believe that x86-64 has 
  standardised ABI but I am sure whether it's true for static liraries 

I don't know CMake, however, I personally don't like projects that have 
dependencies build systems.


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