[zeromq-dev] error handling? assert?

Aamir M intuitionist at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 19:39:47 CET 2008


Does ZeroMQ provide error handling for all kinds of errors? Or just for when
a client disconnects?

I am calling ZeroMQ from inside a larger program. When I try to create two
global exchanges using the same exchange name, ZeroMQ crashes with the
mssage: "locator.cpp:97: vritual void zmq::locator_t::create( ...) Assertion
'cmd == create_ok_id' failed"

So it appears that if ZeroMQ encounters errors it just does an assert and
ends up crashing the whole process? In my use case, this is causing a much,
much larger server process to crash along with ZeroMQ. This makes it
difficult to make my code fault-tolerant.

Any suggestions?

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